What is Science in Action?

Platform for online participatory research

Since 2003, Science in Action organizes interactive surveys on the Internet where you can learn more about science by active participation and contribution.

Recent examples include www.nanometing.nl (Nano Survey) where 4,500 participants took part in an online discussion about opportunities and risks of nanotechnology, on request by the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

With www.degrotegriepmeting.nl (Great Flu Survey), Science in Action initiated a whole new concept of epidemiological flu monitoring which enjoys a growing international recognition thanks to our 31,000 participants. With the support of the European Commission, we now coordinate the international online flu monitoring via www.influenzanet.eu.

In November 2011, we launched www.degrotelongontstekingmeting.nl (Great Pneumonia Survey) together with academic and corporate partners. With this project, we aim to monitor lung diseases in the Netherlands by active involvement of patients, their relatives and acquaintances and general practitioners.

Science in Action was the first in the world to explore the potential of the Internet for epidemiological and social scientific surveys. It has brought international innovation into the monitoring of infectious diseases and is now being successfully applied in public opinion surveys on new technologies.

Science in Action is happy to share its expertise and experiences with you. By doing research as commissioned or as creative consultant of your own scientific work.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to promote knowledge-driven citizenship.

Our vision is to do this by sound, participatory internet based research. We invite everyone from young to old to join our online surveys. This allows you not only to learn more but also to contribute to better knowledge.

Keywords: quality and integrity, as expressed in independent research and high ethical standards and always protecting the privacy of our participants.


Science in Action BV (SiA) works on commission and as initiator and developer of its own concepts. SiA always does so with highly qualified partners in science and industry . Science in Action is part of an extended, international network of professionals in journalism, science, business, public health and policy making.

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