1. Is Science in Action a commercial company?

Yes, we work as entrepreneurs with a commercial approach and taking risks. Even though we sometimes work with grants and subsidies, we are not employed by a public organization.

2. Is Science in Action independent?

Yes, we are. We highly esteem our clients and we are careful listeners to their wishes. They are very, very important to us. However, we do not accept any attempt to influence the results of our research. Each client therefore endorses the independence of our research and accepts the outcomes.

3. But you do work with advertising and sponsorship, don’t you?

Yes, we do as have to finance our costs. But that does not compromise our integrity. The content of the ads is the full responsibility of the advertiser. In that sense, we work just like a newspaper, a magazine or a commercial radio and TV station.

4. How does your editorial staff relates itself to your business approach?

Here too, we are very similar as the media. The editorial staff is independent from business management. The editors select the news and are responsible for the content of the websites and newsletters. Our starting point is quality check and double check.

5. Do your clients accept your independence?

They are very happy with this. They know that the quality of our research is undisputable, reason why they work with us: for their own (research) work, but also for their own reputation.

6. Is privacy well protected with you?

Yes! Our own servers are located at one of the most protected premises in the Netherlands. The e-mail addresses are not available to third parties. Furthermore, all our surveys are anonymous. We never ask for names, phone numbers or addresses. For preparing maps we need to have the first four digits of the postal code. However, nobody could deduce anything which could infringe the privacy of the individual participant.

7. You are open to suggestions from your participants?

Yes of course! Our participants are involved and critical volunteers. Very regularly, they send us their comments and questions on our activities, just as our fellow researchers.

6. Do you mainly operate nationally?

No. Basically we are internationally oriented, hence our international name. For some projects, we focus solely on Flanders and the Netherlands, the Dutch speaking market in Europe that is.

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