Who we are

Science in Action BV is an initiative of Carl Koppeschaar and Ronald Smallenburg.

Both are experts with an extensive experience in science communication and innovation policies. They work together for more than 10 years in developing projects for innovative communication and education, all including participatory research.

Carl is the creative brain and responsible for content, editing and science
Ronald is the business man and responsible for acquisition and administration

Of course, we do not work alone. We are happy to present you our team of dedicated professionals:

Elles Lalieu
Biomedica and editor of the websites and newsletters. Master Biology and Communication.

Antwan Wiersma
Web developer and webmaster

Klaas Schelven
Database manager. Master Informatics

Francine Behnen
Coordination education. Master Biology and 1st grade teacher of biology

Dr. Sander van Noort
Senior modeler

Medical consultants – Great Flu Survey

Prof. Dr. Mark van Ranst
Rega Institute, Department of Clinical and Epidemiological Virology, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgian federal commissioner of flu, doctor and professor-researcher

Dr. Piet Maes
Rega Institute, Department of Clinical and Epidemiological Virology, University of Leuven, physician and researcher

Jobs and internships

There are currently no vacancies. Interested in an internship with us? Please mail us [contact@science-inaction.nl] your CV, motivation and type of internship you are interested in.

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